Gone Missing? Check the Bermuda Triangle



Have you ever lost a sock in the washing machine? There seems to be no logical explanation for their disappearance since a washing machine is so small, and socks should therefore be easy to find. Similar to this “missing sock phenomenon,” the Bermuda Triangle has had hundreds of human disappearances, all of which have left no traces or evidence behind. 


What is the Bermuda Triangle?

The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical, triangular-shaped region located in the North Atlantic Ocean where several ships, aircraft, and crew have disappeared without any explanation or record. In addition, radar and radio signals mysteriously vanish when entering the Triangle to be never heard or seen again. The circumstances behind these vanishings are currently unknown. However, there is a wide range of theories, ranging from alien kidnappings to methane gas bubbles. 


Onto the theories!

#1: Alien Kidnappings 👽 👽

Due to how sudden the planes and ships go missing without leaving any records and the recent UFO sightings, it is not entirely illogical to blame the aliens. 

#2: Atlantis

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the island of Atlantis resides below the Bermuda Triangle and is sucking these ships through its rough waves.

#3: Methane Bubbles

There are large regions of methane gas under the Bermuda Triangle’s surface, which, when struck by lightning, could create a large enough methane bubble to swallow an entire ship and leave behind no evidence. However, this theory only accounts for ships, not planes. 

#4: Rough Waves

British oceanographers believe that the ships are being sucked into the water through rogue waves. These waves can rise to about 100 feet high and are so large and sudden that they can easily overtake ships. This theory also does not account for planes, which can avoid these waves.

Can you solve the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle? Leave your theories in the comments!

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